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for the visual and performing arts

A social network that helps make connections between projects, people and
all the resources needed to make creativity happen.

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Welcome, the very first version is functional at last !

Regarding this first initial step, we aimed at creating an essential platform linking projects : ease networking and recruitment.

We are presenting a functional and performing tool for comedians, technicians, recruiters and project managers to receive
and distribute/promote targeted advertisings.

  • My profile

    Enjoy the benefits from a personal space set up for you to put forth your physical and technical skills.

  • Advertising inbox

    Look up for job offers on the advertising wall. You can filter them by relevance.

  • Advertising distribution

    Share the job offers among members, set your advertisings right and find relevant candidates.

We are actively working on the next version

New features will be added on a regular basis in order to make more and more easy and straight-forward the work of the professionals of creativity community.

  • Visibility

    Showcase your skills and experience.

  • Communication

    Connect with other professionals.

  • Collaboration

    Share job offers, castings…

  • Professional

    Put up a team, manage projects…

Making links between individuals and organizations

Exponentiel gathers organisms and people together.

  • Artists, technicians, etc.

    Actors, singers, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, sound engineers, camera operators, continuity people, stage and production managers, animal trainers, resource-providers (animals, equipment, locations, etc.) voice coaches, make-up artists, painters, journalists…

  • Companies, associations and institutions

    Production companies, equipment rentals, recording studios, distributors, financial structures, institutions, film and art and performing arts schools, non-profit organizations, venues, rehearsal studios, caterers…

Already more than 4,800 professionals
follow Exponentiel !

A network that helps make life easier for creators

Giving professionals all the freedom they need to collaborate and do business together.

  • Networking

    • Bringing together human and material resources to facilitate the realization of creative projects.

    • Promoting contact between artists, technicians, producers, distributors and other professionals working in the performing and visual arts.

    • Expanding networking and opportunities internationally.

  • Professionnal profiles

    • Guaranteeing a space that is resolutely professional (professional resumés, recommendations, etc.) thanks to our “sponsorship” system.

    • Helping professionals showcase their projects, skills, talents and specific characteristics.

    • Providing tools and apps specifically designed for professionals working in the arts.

  • Collaboration

    • Information sharing that provides members with the best view possible of the latest news about projects.

    • Rewards for sharing that help encourage collaboration, reduce subscription costs and better connect professionals.

Linking together resources

A powerful architecture designed to structure and facilitate the process of putting together creative projects.

  • Professionals
  • Places
  • Vehicles
  • Organizations
  • Training & education
  • Animals
  • Projects
  • Equipment

Origins of the Exponentiel network

How an exercise in cooperation between actors became a social network.

  • Created in 2004, the network was initiated by a handful of performing artists united by the goal of sharing and helping each other, deciding to share what little information each of them had.
    At first they simply shared job leads over email, but by November 2006 this activity had grown into a community-run website that was featuring castings, auditions and meet-ups and was seeing its membership increasing exponentially. However, it soon became clear that the site had a number of weaknesses and issues that only a dedicated platform could resolve.

  • The new network is greatly evolved. This new iteration is aimed at all kinds of artists and technicians within the arts sector, its aim being to respond to the current needs of creative professionals.

    Having begun as a free service run by volunteers, the new site offers most of its services free of charge. The development of professional tools, however, requires significant financial investment and therefore justifies the charging of a subscription fee.